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DMC JAPAN, Tokyo's leading DMC conference planner (organizer) and events specialist for incentive travel and conventions. A preferred destination management company and supplier used by international conference organisers worldwide.

JTB was founded in 1912 as Japan Tourisr Bureu, an organization that was founded in cooperation between the government and the private sector with a mission to invite and serve the needs of visitors from abroad. With the development of the Japanese economy, the demands for the travel increased and with it the company also expanded.

JTB Groups

JTB's services include much more than travel. We're active wherever people are on the move, fostering cultural exchange and creating new discoveries, excitement, value and culture.

All operating companies belonging to the JTB Group can be divided according to business category or characteristic as follow:

- Travel business companies (focus on regions / focuson on specializing in terms of sales / focus on specialization in terms of function / overseas operations / support companies);

- Commercial business company;

- Publishing and advertising;

- Solution business companies;

- Indipendent company solutions;

- Platform-shared service companies.

JTB's philosophy

We aspire to introduce the allure of Japan to the world by creating a multitude of valuable and meaningful experiences. While doing business, we also strive to support global communication and the realization of a peaceful, eco-friendly society.



The center of Japan for more than years, Tokyo is a safe, clean global metropolis where business, finance, and state-of-art technology thrive, tradition and the modern co-exist hand in hand, and offerings range from the centuries-old kabuki play to Japanese pop music, the cutest teen fashions to designer selections, and reasonable eateries and Michelin-class restaurants.


Yokonawa is a city of dreams where its port became the first to open to the world in 1859, western culture was introduced, and the city flourished as a gateway to Japan. Fequently associated with the concepts of modern and stylish. Yokohama is symbolized today by the futuristic Minato Mirai 21 landmark, the Intercontinental Hotel, and the Pacifico Yokohama convention center.


For more than 1.100 years, Kyoto was the ancient capitol of Japan and the center of its economy, politics, and culture. Many famous temples and shrines remain in Kyoto today and 17 historical sites, including the temples Kinkaku-ji, Kiyomizu-dera, and Nijo Castle, are World Heritage Sites. Kyoto is a city where the timeless beauty of the four seasons are picture-perfect together with its ancient architecture.


The second major Japanese city after Tokyo, Osaka is a center of the commerce. It is an aqua metropolis developed around the Yodo river and each part of the city offers a different type of charm.The downtown Minami, or the southern area, is known for kuidaore, which showcases everything from the people's favorites to high-end meals. Kita, the northern part of Osaka, centers around and spans from the Umeda district and Osaka train station.






DMC Japan

Example Venues Used:

Details Capacity
Hotel New Otani2000
(1992.0 m²)
Grand Hyatt Tokyo1200
(2800.0 m²)
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