Tokyo is one of the world's exciting cities, and at 12 million people, it is also one of the most popolous. It is a thriving center of economy, industry and culture. Although crowded, it is clean, orderly and safe. No other city in the world is like Tokyo, with its astonishing diversity and exotic blend of old and new as a strong sense of history and tradition remain. Here you will also find some of the world's finest restaurants, alongside the lively subculture of Japan's youth. Each major district of Tokyo offers its own world of unique surprises, from art galleries, museums and concert halls, to large department stores, theather and more. There is literally everything for everyone in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan’s busy capital, mixes the ultramodern and the traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples. The opulent Meiji Shinto Shrine is known for its towering gate and surrounding woods. The Imperial Palace sits amid large public gardens. The city's many museums offer exhibits ranging from classical art (in the Tokyo National Museum) to a reconstructed kabuki theater (in the Edo-Tokyo Museum).



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